Quimup 1.3.2

Quimup 1.3.2 is ready. Downloads are available from Sourceforge (deb32, deb64 and source).


Quimup 1.3.2 now (also) depends on taglib.

* Fixed: Provided password was not used unconditionally.
* Fixed: Playlist not updated when a dropped item was rejected.
* Fixed: Settings were not saved upon system shutdown/logout.
* Fixed: Could not find translation(s) in default location.
* Fixed: Music dir was not always found automatically.
* Added: Use embedded cover art (mp3 ogg mpc mp4 flac wv ape).
* Added: Player and Browser now respond to ‘media keys’.
* Added: Support for *.cue playlist files in folder view.
* Added: ‘Reset status’ to playlist context menu.
* Added: ‘-l none’ to cmd parameters to force internal locale.
* Added: More extensions are accepted for D&D operations.
* Other: Some cosmetic tweaks, as usual.

Quimup repositories

Quimup is now also available from Launchpad for all recent Ubuntu and Debian versions, as an Arch-Linux package, and from Packman for Opensuse.

Quimup 1.3.1

Quimup 1.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release: the program crashed upon start-up with recent versions of MPD.

Get it here (source, 32-bit & 64-bit deb packages).

Change Log

* Added: Support for the ‘Disc Number’ tag.
* Added: Stream loader can handle compound urls better.
* Added: Manually override MPD’s (remote) music dir.
* Fixed: Crash upon calling mpd_return_pair (Archlinux).
* Fixed: Player changed position after hide-show toggle.
* Fixed: Allow more time to connect to MPD at start-up.
* Fixed: Possible wrong sorting order of dragged items.
* Coded: Project ‘includes’ libmpdclient using pkg-config.

Quimup 1.3.0

It took a while, but Quimup 1.3.0 is ready. Downloads are available from Sourceforge (deb32, deb64 and source).



* Added: “Drag & drop” from file manager to quimup.
* Added: “Open with” from file manager (%U or %F).
* Added: Single-instance-mode (by default).
* Added: Localization support (no translations yet).
* Added: Command line parameters (try “quimup -help”).
* Added: Rescan tags for any selection (library menu).
* Added: Folder search in the browser.
* Added: Check if mpd is running when quimup starts up.
* Added: Option to apply colors to the album info widget.
* Added: Music directory is requested from MPD (0.17+).
* Added: Playlist scrolls to drop-position after d&d.
* Added: Drop on playlist allows insert (not just append).
* Added: Manually controlled widths in library and playlist.
* Added: Track titles shown across all colums in library.
* Added: A first-run dialog with some useful tips.
* Added: More details on command line in case of MPD-errors.
* 23 bug fixes and code improvements

Guimup ppa

ubuntu-logoRonald van Engelen has kindly set up a PPA for Guimup. This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu Quantal and Precise.


To add it to your system’s Software Sources open a terminal and enter the follwing:
   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guimup/trunk
Next update your system:
   sudo apt-get update
Finally install Guimup with a program like Packagekit or with this command:
   sudo apt-get install guimup

Guimup 0.3.3

Version 0.3.3 of Guimup mainly improves compatibility with xfce4. Downloads are available from sourceforge.

  • Does not depend on libunique anymore: Implemented Gtk::application (and removed libunique).
  • Improved xfce4 compatibility: Besides URI (%U) the command-line now handles plain paths (%F). Also fixed wrong bg-color for track-info labels in some themes.
  • Finally fixed toggle show/hide player problems.
  • Removed deprecated g_thread_init() from code.

Guimup 0.3.2

Version 0.3.2 of Guimup is a bugfix release. The source code and amd64/i386 DEB packages are available from sourceforge.

* fixed: Connection with remote MPD failed (tx Michael Thomsen).
* fixed: Track nr in xx-yy format dit not have the -yy stripped.
* fixed: Autodetection of mpd.config failed (‘//’ in path).
* fixed: Library context-menu showing wrong active items.
* fixed: Progressbar could be set when playing a stream.
* fixed: Toggle show/hide player problems (I hope, anyway).
* code: Added check for the returncode of the “system” command.
* code: Added missing includes for recent versions of Glibmm.
* code: Added link to gthread for recent versions of Glibmm.
* docs: The readme file is no longer empty.

Guimup 0.3.1

Version 0.3.1 of Guimup is a bugfix release. The source code and amd64/i386 DEB packages are available from sourceforge.

* fixed: “Config: file could not be created” startup error.
* fixed: Missing ‘mpd_return_pair’ (segfault with mpd 0.16.6).
* fixed: Sorting of searched song titles.
* fixed: Sorting of genre->artist (artist could appear twice).
* fixed: The progressbar (did not progress sometimes).
* fixed: Library context-menu could have wrong items enabled.
* fixed: Window positions on hide/show from systray.
* fixed: Album font did not update until next song.
* fixed: After re-connecting some features were not re-enabled.
* fixed: Check if MPD is running before connecting.
* added: A first-run dialog with some useful advice.

Guimup 0.3.0

A new version of Guimup is available from sourceforge (source and 32bit deb package).
Version 0.3.0 was completely revised and rewritten for Gnome 3 and takes advantage of new feautures in MPD 0.16


DEPENDS: libmpdclient2 (>= 2.3), libsoup2.4-1 (>= 2.36), libgtkmm-3.0-1 (>= 3.2),
libunique-3.0-0 (>= 3.0.2)

Many new features and improvements. To mention a few:

* Implemented playing files that are NOT in the database:
“D&D” files from outside quimup on the playlist.
“Open with” from the file manager.
* Program now runs in single-instance-mode by default.
* New library mode: “Year” (i.e. date tag).
* New library mode: “Timestamp” (i.e. last-modified property).
* Replaygain mode can now be set on the fly from Quimup.
* Added option to ignore leading ‘the’ when sorting artists.
* Extended context menu for playlist operations (remove,
save, shuffle etc.)
* Separate button for all playback modes (repeat, single, etc.)
* More options, such as custom colors for the player window
and the use of ‘profiles’ to connect with mpd.
* Improved auto-detection of mpd’s settings (on localhost).

Quimup 1.2.0

Quimup 1.2.0 takes advantage of MPD 0.16 specific features and can be downloaded from sourceforce (source code, i386 or amd64 Debian package).

MPD 0.16 was released Dec 11 2010 and can be downloaded here.


v. 1.2.0 2010 12 14

Many thanks to Richard Hill for finding bugs and sore spots.

REQUIRES MPD 0.16 (or above)
DEPENDS: libmpdclient2 (>= 2.2)
libqt4-network (>= 4.4.6)
libqtgui4 (>= 4.4.6)
libqtcore (>= 4.4.6)
libc6 (>= 2.2)

Quimup 1.2.0 takes advantage of new feautures in MPD 0.16.

* Settings are now saved when applied (and on exit).
* The volume slider is now always visible (was a pop-up).
* The volume slider keeps the focus after a button click.
* The progress bar is snappier (now based on QSlider).
* “Modified” mode now sorts albums (rather than folders).
* “Modified” now also possible when mpd runs remotely.
* “Modified” now puts most recent item on top of the list.
* “Modified” now handles missing tags correctly.
* New library mode: Albums sorted by year (i.e. date tag).
* Replaygain mode can now be set on the fly from Quimup.
* Library and Playlist can be toggled to use full window.
* Improved automatic column-width handling (i.m.h.o.).
* “Reload audio tags” even when mod-time has not changed.
* Fixed: ‘Played’ status was reset by “Reload audio tags”.
* Fixed: No response to ‘disconnected’ when in ‘idle’ mode.
* “Collapse all” was added to the Library context menu.
* Row colors now alternate in the library and playlist.
* Tray icons were replaced (new and larger images).
* Windows now always open normally (and never minimized).
* Some minor cosmetic tweaks, as usual.