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Quimup 1.4.2

Quimup 1.4.2 is ready. Downloads are available from this site: Source Code or check out SourceForge

Depends on taglib 1.11 


v. 1.4.2  2016 05 15

* Added: Use flac-type embedded cover art from ogg file.

Quimup 1.4.1

Quimup 1.4.1 is ready. Downloads are available from this site: Source Code or 64 bit Binary or check out SourceForge


v. 1.4.1  2016 04 01

* Fixed: ‘Auto’ profile wrongly found multiple config files.
* Fixed: On startup player could show 2 close buttons.
* Fixed: Folder browser did not list .m3u playlists
* Coded: Added #include <QDataStream> to qtlocalpeer.h
* Other: Minor changes in dialog text and command-line output.

Quimup 1.4.0

Quimup 1.4.0 is available from Sourceforge (source code only).

Quimup 1.4.0 depends on QT5.

* Coded: Migrated the code to QT5
* Fixed: After changing colors wrong album-art could be shown.
* Added: Use embedded cover art from asf and ape-tagged mp3.

Quimup 1.3.2

Quimup 1.3.2 is ready. Downloads are available from Sourceforge (deb32, deb64 and source).


Quimup 1.3.2 now (also) depends on taglib.

* Fixed: Provided password was not used unconditionally.
* Fixed: Playlist not updated when a dropped item was rejected.
* Fixed: Settings were not saved upon system shutdown/logout.
* Fixed: Could not find translation(s) in default location.
* Fixed: Music dir was not always found automatically.
* Added: Use embedded cover art (mp3 ogg mpc mp4 flac wv ape).
* Added: Player and Browser now respond to ‘media keys’.
* Added: Support for *.cue playlist files in folder view.
* Added: ‘Reset status’ to playlist context menu.
* Added: ‘-l none’ to cmd parameters to force internal locale.
* Added: More extensions are accepted for D&D operations.
* Other: Some cosmetic tweaks, as usual.

Quimup repositories

Quimup is now also available from Launchpad for all recent Ubuntu and Debian versions, as an Arch-Linux package, and from Packman for Opensuse.

Quimup 1.3.1

Quimup 1.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release: the program crashed upon start-up with recent versions of MPD.

Get it here (source, 32-bit & 64-bit deb packages).

Change Log

* Added: Support for the ‘Disc Number’ tag.
* Added: Stream loader can handle compound urls better.
* Added: Manually override MPD’s (remote) music dir.
* Fixed: Crash upon calling mpd_return_pair (Archlinux).
* Fixed: Player changed position after hide-show toggle.
* Fixed: Allow more time to connect to MPD at start-up.
* Fixed: Possible wrong sorting order of dragged items.
* Coded: Project ‘includes’ libmpdclient using pkg-config.

Quimup 1.3.0

It took a while, but Quimup 1.3.0 is ready. Downloads are available from Sourceforge (deb32, deb64 and source).



* Added: “Drag & drop” from file manager to quimup.
* Added: “Open with” from file manager (%U or %F).
* Added: Single-instance-mode (by default).
* Added: Localization support (no translations yet).
* Added: Command line parameters (try “quimup -help”).
* Added: Rescan tags for any selection (library menu).
* Added: Folder search in the browser.
* Added: Check if mpd is running when quimup starts up.
* Added: Option to apply colors to the album info widget.
* Added: Music directory is requested from MPD (0.17+).
* Added: Playlist scrolls to drop-position after d&d.
* Added: Drop on playlist allows insert (not just append).
* Added: Manually controlled widths in library and playlist.
* Added: Track titles shown across all colums in library.
* Added: A first-run dialog with some useful tips.
* Added: More details on command line in case of MPD-errors.
* 23 bug fixes and code improvements

Guimup ppa

ubuntu-logoRonald van Engelen has kindly set up a PPA for Guimup. This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu Quantal and Precise.


To add it to your system’s Software Sources open a terminal and enter the follwing:
   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guimup/trunk
Next update your system:
   sudo apt-get update
Finally install Guimup with a program like Packagekit or with this command:
   sudo apt-get install guimup

Guimup 0.3.3

Version 0.3.3 of Guimup mainly improves compatibility with xfce4. Downloads are available from sourceforge.

  • Does not depend on libunique anymore: Implemented Gtk::application (and removed libunique).
  • Improved xfce4 compatibility: Besides URI (%U) the command-line now handles plain paths (%F). Also fixed wrong bg-color for track-info labels in some themes.
  • Finally fixed toggle show/hide player problems.
  • Removed deprecated g_thread_init() from code.