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Guimup ppa

ubuntu-logoRonald van Engelen has kindly set up a PPA for Guimup. This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu Quantal and Precise.


To add it to your system’s Software Sources open a terminal and enter the follwing:
   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guimup/trunk
Next update your system:
   sudo apt-get update
Finally install Guimup with a program like Packagekit or with this command:
   sudo apt-get install guimup

Guimup 0.3.3

Version 0.3.3 of Guimup mainly improves compatibility with xfce4. Downloads are available from sourceforge.

  • Does not depend on libunique anymore: Implemented Gtk::application (and removed libunique).
  • Improved xfce4 compatibility: Besides URI (%U) the command-line now handles plain paths (%F). Also fixed wrong bg-color for track-info labels in some themes.
  • Finally fixed toggle show/hide player problems.
  • Removed deprecated g_thread_init() from code.