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Claws Mail theme

Claws Mail is a GTK-based e-mail client for the Linux platform, formerly known as ‘Sylpheed Claws’.

The ‘Coon’s Blue’ theme includes a complete set of graphics for Claws Mail 3.3.0 and above. It can be used as a theme or to replace the graphics in the Claws Mail source code. Graphics for the tray-icon are also included.

See the Claws Mail site for more information. The theme can also be downloaded from this site.

Sylpheed icon theme

Sylpheed is one of the best GTK-based e-mail clients for the Linux platform – it just doesn’t look it. The author is considering to make the program theme-able, but this feature has not been implemented yet. However, by simply replacing the original Sylpheed artwork and the derived header files, a customized binary can be compiled.

The complete Sylpheed source code can be downloaded here


Icon theme for Sylpheed 2.x : Sylpheed2.0_icon-set.tar.gz
Icon theme for Sylpheed 3.x : Sylpheed3.0_icon-set.tar.gz